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For many families, there are games that evolve into full-blown family traditions. A fun, beloved game that evokes hearty laughter, solidifies rivalries, inspires camaraderie, or even teaches you how to cheat inconspicuously. Some families play card games, some play sports. My family is full of Parcheesi nuts.

My grandmother (Mamita) had a love for all sorts of games and puzzles, from Scrabble to War to word searches, but her love for Parcheesi was next to legendary. The object of the game isn’t particularly unique: get your pieces all the way around the board first and you win. Of course, there are hazards and strategies along the way. For instance, if you have two of your own pieces on the same space, it creates a “bridge” that prevents the pieces behind it from advancing. A stubborn player can keep a bridge up for a long time, which can lead to some…

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