Gaming night 10.6 – Tichu Fever

Israeli Meeples

So what did we play?
Crows, Kingdom Builder, Tichu (twice), Strasbourg and Qwixx

I didn’t take part in all games, but I’ll still put up a short review for those I skipped out on.


So what do we have new for today? I’ve changed the theme of the blog for something that will allow me to put up the new logo for israeli meeples which is, so surprising… An Israeli meeple, designed by the Talented Efrat Sionov for my request. So thanks Efrat!
The new theme also changes the way I write things, as the “See more” button loses some of its powers, as there is no need for it, as new posts are already shortened to something really short, which made me change the way I write posts a bit. I’ll start with what we’ll have in the post (“So what did we play?” section for…

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