Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates Review

Neko's Shiritori

New Setup

Now that May has come and gone, Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates has come out! Explorers and Pirates introduces several new pieces, alternative routes to victory, as well as apply a new rule mechanic that many people enjoy. The pieces are as follows:

  • Crew: Sheep + Ore. 9 pieces.
  • Ship: Wood + Sheep. 3 pieces.
  • Settler: Wood + Brick + Sheep + Wheat
  • Settlement: Wood + Brick + Sheep + Wheat
  • Harbor Settlement: Wheat + Wheat + Ore + Ore

The VP, or Victory Points, functionality works as usual as in traditional Settlers of Catan. The fundamentals of the game feel more like a mix of Seafarers with a tiny portion of Traders & Barbarians. This Expansion bodes little to no similarity to Cities & Knights, Oil Springs, nor Frenemies of Catan.

One will quickly notice this set has no Harbors. That is because by default, everyone gets a…

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