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5 Classic Board Games you should NEVER PLAY

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We all know games like Candy Land, Chutes (or Snakes) & Ladders, Sorry, Uno, or Monopoly. We probably played some or all of them in our childhood. Please don’t submit your children to the same fate! These are all outdated games with deep flaws that unfortunately continue to be passed down through generations simply because they’re the only board games people know, so I’m going to do my best to share a few better games that will hopefully fill the same hole these games do, but in a better way.

1. Candy Land/Chutes (Snakes) & Ladders

Candy Land is effectively a variation of Snakes & Ladders, and in many respects, is not a game at all! Snakes & Ladders comes from ancient India where it was a teaching tool–an extremely crude simulation of moral life and the few virtues that give someone an advantage in becoming a good person (the…

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Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates Review

Neko's Shiritori

New Setup

Now that May has come and gone, Settlers of Catan: Explorers & Pirates has come out! Explorers and Pirates introduces several new pieces, alternative routes to victory, as well as apply a new rule mechanic that many people enjoy. The pieces are as follows:

  • Crew: Sheep + Ore. 9 pieces.
  • Ship: Wood + Sheep. 3 pieces.
  • Settler: Wood + Brick + Sheep + Wheat
  • Settlement: Wood + Brick + Sheep + Wheat
  • Harbor Settlement: Wheat + Wheat + Ore + Ore

The VP, or Victory Points, functionality works as usual as in traditional Settlers of Catan. The fundamentals of the game feel more like a mix of Seafarers with a tiny portion of Traders & Barbarians. This Expansion bodes little to no similarity to Cities & Knights, Oil Springs, nor Frenemies of Catan.

One will quickly notice this set has no Harbors. That is because by default, everyone gets a…

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Swivel Featured in Family Games Segment

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Gaming night 10.6 – Tichu Fever

Israeli Meeples

So what did we play?
Crows, Kingdom Builder, Tichu (twice), Strasbourg and Qwixx

I didn’t take part in all games, but I’ll still put up a short review for those I skipped out on.


So what do we have new for today? I’ve changed the theme of the blog for something that will allow me to put up the new logo for israeli meeples which is, so surprising… An Israeli meeple, designed by the Talented Efrat Sionov for my request. So thanks Efrat!
The new theme also changes the way I write things, as the “See more” button loses some of its powers, as there is no need for it, as new posts are already shortened to something really short, which made me change the way I write posts a bit. I’ll start with what we’ll have in the post (“So what did we play?” section for…

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Peaceable Kingdom: Race to the Treasure Board Game

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Written Review – Zombicide

Initiative : Tabletop

Zombicide 1

I know what you’re thinking: “ANOTHER zombie survivor board game? Really?!”  My answer: “No, this is THE zombie survivor game.” To paraphrase King Leonidas, “This is Zombicide!”

What’s It About?

Zombicide is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players that began its global domination as a Kickstarter campaign. Each player takes on the role of one of several unique, but familiar characters each with their own special abilities.

Your city has been consumed by the zombie plague. You survived and you plan to for a long time to come. There are about ten pre-made missions to run through in Zombicide, each more like a chapter in the book of zompocalypse survival. From getting food supplies, to building your arsenal to simply getting someplace safe, each mission has different goals and challenges. To carry out those missions, the players must travel through a cityscape made up of double-sided tiles with…

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Paisley Avocado

For many families, there are games that evolve into full-blown family traditions. A fun, beloved game that evokes hearty laughter, solidifies rivalries, inspires camaraderie, or even teaches you how to cheat inconspicuously. Some families play card games, some play sports. My family is full of Parcheesi nuts.

My grandmother (Mamita) had a love for all sorts of games and puzzles, from Scrabble to War to word searches, but her love for Parcheesi was next to legendary. The object of the game isn’t particularly unique: get your pieces all the way around the board first and you win. Of course, there are hazards and strategies along the way. For instance, if you have two of your own pieces on the same space, it creates a “bridge” that prevents the pieces behind it from advancing. A stubborn player can keep a bridge up for a long time, which can lead to some…

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